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LCU&SA Award Winners

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The LCU&SA gives several awards each year, recognising standards of playing, umpiring and fair play. The award winners are listed below (and will soon be brought up to date!)

Dickie Spence Fair Play Award - This award is given to the player in Senior cricket who most embodies the concept of Fair Play and the Spirit of Cricket


1995 Deryck Vincent Clontarf
1996 Rodney Green Railway Union
1997 Joe Murphy North County
1998 Fintan Synnott Old Belvedere
1999 Brian McNiece Clontarf
2000 Brian Buttimer CYM
2001 John Andrews North County
2002 Naseer Shaukat Rush
2003 Gareth Carroll Railway Union
2004 Joseph Clinton The Hills
2005 Emmet Whaley Pembroke
2006 Peter Saville Malahide
2007 Rory Flanagan Phoenix
2008 Andre Botha North County
2009 Luke Clinton The Hills
2010 Joe Clinton The Hills
2011 Eoghan Conway Rush
2012 David Lucas Leinster
2013 Conor Kelly Phoenix
2014 Eoghan Delany Clontarf
2015 Eddie Richardson  North County
2016 Jonathan Andrews  North County
Sean Pender Award - This award is given to the player in Junior cricket who contributed most to the matches they played in
2000 Eddie Dwyer Pembroke
2001 Martin Byrne The Hills
2002 Duane Ferreira Railway Union
2003 Stephen King Merrion
2004 Andy Smith Malahide
2005 Owen Butler Civil Service
2006 Saddique Civil Service
2007 David Drane Merrion
2008 David Drane North Wicklow
2009 Barry Archer The Hills
2010 Danny Barclay Pembroke
2011 Sarfraz Anwar Balbriggan
2012 Carl Hosford YMCA
2013 Patrick Byrne The Hills
2014 Gareth Delany Leinster
2015 Nick Turner Malahide
2016 Alan Lewis YMCA
President's Award - award was presented by NIACUS and is awarded by the President each year.
2001 Morrow McIlroy
2002 Gerry Lyons
2003 Eldon Gilmore
2004 Rodney Molins
2005 Clive Colleran
2006 Kevin Gallagher
2007 Alan Tuffery
2008 Martin Block
2009 Louis Fourie
2010 Joe Connolly
2011 Azam Ali Baig
2012 Jeremy Jeffrey
2013 John Bristow
2014 Norman Adams
2015 Paul Reynolds  
2016 Bala Kailash  
Bill Frindall Award - award was instituted in sad circumstances. Bill Frindall, the BBC's Test Match Special scorer was due to speak in Ireland on the day he died. The award, which is presented to the LCU&SA scorer's who have excelled, was presented in his honour.
2010 Judy Cohen
2011 Stella Downes
2012 Helen Caird
2013 Andrew Mooney
2014 Lorraine McKeaney
2015 David Brennan  
2016 Angela Mooney  
The Liam Keegan Award was instituted in memory of the former President of the organisation, who passed away in office in 2003. The award is presented to the most promising new umpire of the year.
2016 Eoin Crossan