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Our International Umpires and Scorers

The Association has been lucky throughout its history to have many great umpires and scorers representing it. As cricket continues to grow in Ireland, there will be many more opportunities for new umpires to join the list below.

Thanks to the work of Gerry Byrne and John Boomer, all scorecards of matches our umpires and scorers stood in, can be found at

The dates below are the span from the first time an umpire/scorer stood in an international match, to the last time. As Ireland's status in the world game has changed, so have the type of matches our officials have stood in. From Tim Protheroe-Benyon's first appearance in 1953 to approximately 1994, most matches were between Ireland Men and touring teams. From 1995 onwards, opportunities within the women's games increased, as well as there being a more formal structure to Ireland's matches, in the form of ICC tournaments.

The list of matches each member has officiated in list each opponent only once, and are split into "Countries" and "Teams" (where Ireland played against non-national teams). With the advent of neutral umpires, it is more likely for LCU&SA umpires to stand in matches Ireland are not involved in. These are detailed with the tournament name, or in some cases, both teams.


Helen Caird 2008-present

Ire Wom vs Pak, Neth, Bang, SA, Aus

Pak Wom vs Bang Wom

European Champs Div 1 2008

Womens European Champs 2009 

Inge Bevers  2012-2015

Ire vs Afg

Ire vs SA A

Pak Wom vs Bang Wom 

Judy Cohen 1987-present

Ire Wom vs Aus, Bang, Can, Den, Eng, Ind, Jap, NZ, Pak, Scot, SA, SL, Neth, Wal and WI

Women’s European Cup: 1986 to present

Ireland Women’s Test Match v Pakistan

Scottish Women v: Canada and Thailand

Scottish Men v: Italy and The Netherlands

Catherine Goodman  2008-present

Ire Wom vs WI Wom

Stella Downes  1996-present

Ire vs Scot, Ken, Neth, Afghan, Berm, Zim, NZ, 

Ire vs SA A, Glouc, Essex, Den, Ita, MCC, Nor

Lorraine McKeaney 2009

Ire Wom vs Notts Wom


Andrew Mooney  2012-present

Ire Wom vs Bang Wom, Pak Wom, SA

Bang Wom vs Pak Wom

Mary Magee 2008-09

European Champs Div 1 2008

Ire Wom vs WI Wom, Pak Wom, Scot Wom, Neth Wom, 

David Kerrison 2016

Ire Wom vs SA Wom


Tim Protheroe-Benyon 1953-77 

Ire vs Scot, Ind

Ire vs MCC, Worc, Glam 

Brian Carpenter  1970-95

Ire vs WI, Aus, Pak, Neth, Scot

Ire vs MCC, Worc, Wales

Ire Wom vs Aus, Eng, Neth, Den 

Jim Connerton  1947-69

Ire vs SA, Aus, WI, Pak, Ind, Scot

Ire vs MCC, Hants, Leic, Worc 

Stu Daultrey 1995-2002 

Ire vs SA, Zim, Scot

Ire vs Aus A, WI A, MCC

Ire Wom vs NZ, SA, Pak

Scot vs Wales 

European Champs Division 1 2002

Womens European Champs 1995

Clifford Fox 1954-59 

Ire vs Scot, WI, NZ

Ire vs MCC, Worc, Suss, Lancs

Don Geraghty  1990 Ire Wom vs Eng 
John Heavey 1983-86   Ire vs Wales, Worc
Louis Hogan 1989-2000 

Ire vs Pak, NZ, Scot, Aus, WI, SA, Zim

Ire vs Leic, Wales, Worc, Gloucs

ICC Trophy 1996/97 (Malaysia)

Middlesex CB vs Wiltshire, Nat West Trophy 2000 

Liam Keegan 1983-98 

Ire vs WI, SA, Aus A

Ire vs Lancs, Yorks, Worc

Ire Wom vs SA, NZ

Womens 1995 European Champs

Robert MacClancy  1981-99

Ire vs NZ, Scot

Ire vs Midd, Warwick, Wales, Worc, Gloucs, Barbados

Triple Crown Tournament 1995 

Stan McCready 1998-2000 

Ire vs Aus A

Ire Wom vs Pak 

Sean Moore  1980-2000

Ire vs WI, Scot

Ire vs Wales, Warwick, Worc, Lancs, 

Ire Wom vs Pak, Aus 

Sean O'Brien  1978-88

Ire vs Ind

Ire vs Suss, Worc, Surrey, MCC, Yorks 

Gerry O'Neill  1970-76

Ire vs Scot, Den

Ire vs Wales, MCC 

Ronnie O'Reilly  1996-2003

Ire vs SA

Ire vs WI A

Ire Wom vs NZ

European Champs 2002 

Shropshire vs Northumberland - C&G Trophy 2004

Ken Orme 1954-63 

Ire vs NZ, Aus, Scot, Pak, WI

Ire vs MCC, Hants, Lancs, Suss, Leic

Alan Tuffery 1994-2006 

Ire vs Aus A

Ire Wom vs Eng, NZ, Aus, Ind, Pak

Ire Wom vs Yorks

Womens European Champs 1995 

Rodney Molins 2006-08 

Ire Wom vs Ind, WI

ICC Europe Division 2 2006 

Gordon Black  2006-2015

 ICC Europe Division 2 2006

Ire Wom vs Australia Wom

Louis Fourie  2002-2015

 Ire vs SA A

Ire Wom vs Ind, NZ, SA, WI, Pak, Neth, Scot

Ire Wom vs Notts

Multiple ICC World and Europe Comps


Marty Block  2012-2015

 Pak Wom vs Bang Wom

Ire Wom vs Australia Women

Inge Bevers  2003-2009

Ire Wom vs Neth Wom, Pak Wom, Scot Wom

 Neth Wom vs SA Wom, WI Wom

International Women's Cricket Trophy 2003

European Championship Division 4 2006

European Championship Division 4 2009

Azam Ali Baig 2015-present

Ire Wom vs Aus Wom, SA Women

Kevin Gallagher 2015

Ire Wom vs Aus Wom

Clive Colleran 2015

Ire Wom vs Aus Wom

Paul Reynolds 2016

Ire Wom vs SA Wom

Sum Wijesundara 2016

Ire Wom vs SA Wom